Harry Shotta posing on album cover for consequences, the augmented reality musical experience.

Welcome to the official landing page of ‘Consequences’ the first Augmented Reality Rap experience ever, written by Harry Shotta in conjunction with Playlines.

The experience was launched at the Future Of Story Telling Festival over In New York where it received a top five nomination for innovation in storytelling. It will soon be featured in various venues across the UK in 2019.

Speaking about the project Harry said, ‘When I sat down to write this experience I wanted to focus on the fact that every choice we make in life has a consequence whether it be a good or a bad one. But I also wanted to show that the reason we make these decisions again whether right or wrong can be based on experiences or traumas we have been through and that nothing is what it seems on the surface. The writing process was extremely different from my normal approach to writing music but I found that exciting and it spurred me on to write more in the mind frame of putting together a dramatic game experience through bars that people wouldn’t have had the chance to do before because this is the first time something like this has been created.’

I'm really looking forward to people enjoying ‘Consequences’ where you have the choice to follow and make decisions as to which character you follow from room to room with the story resulting in different endings...

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